Royal visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Marie

You are probably allowed to be a little proud when you get a generous visit at GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook.

At the jewellery fair New Nordic 2018 Cph. we had a visit from Princess Marie at our stand. The dear princess was very interested in hearing about GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook.

It was therefore a great pleasure to be able to showcase our new design GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook and demonstrate to the princess how it helps you to put on your bracelets yourself. Likewise, we were able to show Princess Marie how to use GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook as jewellery.

Princess Marie thinks our design is really clever and beautifully executed. She could easily recognize the problem of being unable to put on her bracelets herself.

As the beautiful and modern woman the princess is, she has of course also got a GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook, so she not any more has to rely on help from others, when she has to wear her bracelets.