GERVIN Bracelet Hook & GERVIN Charm

Pernille Gervin
CEO & Designer

We are a Danish design company that makes beautiful and aesthetic jewelry designs in high quality. Our GERVIN Bracelet Hook & GERVIN Charm is made with a loving thought to meet human diversity and needs. Every design is well thought out down to the smallest detail and we do not compromise on quality and aesthetics.

In addition to quality, usability, beauty and aesthetics, we add thoughtful elements to our design to the functionality, thus enabling our design to be used in several ways.

GERVIN Bracelet Hook & GERVIN Charm are designed for women all over the world who want to be both beautiful and independent. We very much hope that our design will be inherited by the women in the family and thus remain a beautiful symbol that pays homage to women who rest in themselves, and will always insist on feeling beautiful and independent.

How to become our new dealer. Information for business customers

At our webshop we sell our designs all over the world. We are also expanding our dealer network to make it possible to negotiate our designs in most of the world.
To our dealers, we offer the opportunity to buy GERVIN Bracelet Hook and GERVIN charms in display boxes with 16 pcs. in each box. There are 4 designs which are in both silver and gold colors. This gives you the opportunity to set up the display box in the store, and gives the customer easy access to see the design and try functionality.

As our GERVIN Bracelet Hook is incredibly beautifully executed, our customers have requested the opportunity to be able to use the GERVIN Bracelet Hook as jewelry. That is why we have designed the hook itself so that it is suitable for putting a beautiful pendant in. Our GERVIN Charm is available with 4 different pendants, a satin cord and a single ear hook that allows the customer to use the GERVIN Bracelet Hook as a necklace or a statement earring. . Our customers are diverse, some buy our GERVIN Bracelet Hook so they can put on their bracelets themselves. Many of our customers buy GERVIN Bracelet Hook as an auxiliary piece of jewelery, ie both as an aid to putting on bracelets and as a piece of jewelery with a GERVIN Charm. Other customers who do not use bracelets only want to use GERVIN Bracelet Hook as jewelry with our GERVIN Charm. We think it is great to be able to give our customers different combination options, and thus create the customer the best experience of feeling both beautiful and independent.

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COSTUMIZE your own GERVIN Bracelet Hook

We can now offer our business customers to get custommade GERVIN Bracelet Hook with the company's own logo or design wish. With this, the GERVIN Bracelet Hook can be a completely unique customer gift, or a beautiful gesture to give to your customers when they buy a bracelet.

For more info about this contact our designer:

Custom Bracelet Hook design

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