How to use GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook, when you put on your bracelets - Step by Step

Most women are familiar with the problem of getting their bracelets on themselves. A challenge I believe that has existed since we started wearing bracelets.

Yes, it's nice that your husband or children can help us get the bracelets on, but when your beloved husband, who is so good at so many things, is deperately fumbling with his fingers in the attempt to grab the small fine locks, then you may well become a little impatient.

That's why GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook is super ingenious. It's no longer dependent on the help of others, and having to wear the same bracelet day and night because you can not change your bracelets yourself.

Take a look Step by Step how easy it is - and now remember that of course you just have to figure it out, but it's just like learning how to bycyckling, and once you have cracked the code, it's as easy peasy.

You take your bracelet and stuck in the hook-end of GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook. If you have more than one ring in your bracelet, then we recommend that you use the outer ring , it gives you a little more free space when you need to attach the clasp to the bracelet.

Then place GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook in the palm of your hand , where you want your bracelet to be, and make sure the end of the hook is facing you and the bracelet is opposite, as shown here where GERVIN , The Bracelet Hook is placed in the left palm. If you want the bracelet on the opposite wrist, it's just mirrored by what you see here.

Grasp the bracelet with your free hand and open the lock so that it is ready to attach to the ring on your bracelet

Attach the clasp and release the clasp. Now the bracelet sits around your wrist and you can remove GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook out of the ring and free of the bracelet.

An absolutely fantastic feeling, and as our customers put it - that they can no longer live without their GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook. It's so nice not to have to depend on the help of others. And it's nice to be able to change your bracelets when you feel like putting on another.

Yes, one can be amazed that it should take so long time to get it designed, and out to all the beautiful women who loves to feel beautiful and independent.

For all women who loves to feel beautiful and independent