An angel came by ...

How to design a helping jewellery !! ?? GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook was simply designed out of despair and desperation.

When you have a business and make lots of beautiful bracelets that thankfully your customers love, you get really frustrated when your customers states that they do not want to acquire bracelets with locks, as they cannot get the bracelets on themselves.

Angel in the making It's really annoying, and too bad for everyone. Too bad for those who want to wear bracelets and want to adorn themselves with the designs that they love, rather than having to limit themselves to only wear bracelets with magnets and similar locks. Too bad for all jewellery designers, making beautiful bracelets that customers do not bother to own, as they cannot put them on themselves. Also too bad for those who want to give a bracelet as a gift, and perhaps their sweet gift will lie in a drawer because the owner of the new fine bracelet cannot even put the bracelet around the wrist. Too bad, too bad, too bad.

Then I started making small bracelets with elastic crystal thread instead, and many people are also happy with them, but we think it limits many design options, and may not allways look quite as elegant as a bracelet with a clasp.

An angel came by ...

It should also be added, just for the sake of good order, that our designer herself had great difficulty putting on the bracelets herself, and neede desperate some help, trying her designs on, before they were approved and made ready for sale. Therefore something had to be done.

The designer bent and shaped some steel wire and made a angel-shape form to place in the palm, with a long hook with and a "stop block" in the middle of the hook, so that the ring on the bracelet does not slide up, and becomes difficult to catch when the lock is put in .

An angel was created ... and this was finelly the solution to this huge problem of putting on the bracelets herself, was solved! Perfect, no waste of time, it was quickly decided to start a production. GERVIN, The Bracelet Hook was created and 4 different designs were made which one of the design is the angel.