The gift to her

The gift for her is the completely personal gift where there is a loving thought behind ...

The gift to her


Now you can put on your bracelets yourself


A completely new and ingenious design


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GERVIN Bracelet Hook & GERVIN Charm

If you need inspiration for the right gift idea for her, then we have our best offer here.
GERVIN Bracelet Hook & GERVIN Charm is the gift for the woman who loves to go with jewelry and deserves the best.
GERVIN Bracelet Hook is a completely new and ingenious Danish design, the perfect offer for the jewelery for her. Not only is it a personal gift for her that you care about. It is also the gift that is both a piece of jewelery and a help that she can use to put her bracelets on herself. This gift idea, with its beautiful design, is made with the idea that women will both feel beautiful and independent. Our wish is also that GERVIN Bracelet Hook can be inherited in the family and thus pass on the story of women who through the ages may ask for help to get their bracelets on, to today where women take control of their own lives and decide for themselves when she will be beautiful and independent.

GERVIN Charm ...

GERVIN Charm allows you to use GERVIN Bracelet Hook as jewelry. Either as a really elegant earring that stands out and gives the look a bit of an edge. Or you can use the GERVIN Bracelet Hook as a breathtaking and eye-catching pendant around your neck. GERVIN Bracelet Hook is a unique Danish design that is incredibly beautifully executed and will adorn your jewelery.

The gift...

So you want to find a unique gift for her you love? The one who deserves all the best? For many, it can be a bit of a challenge when you want to give a gift to someone who has a special meaning in your life. Jewelry is an expression of love and is given to pamper, congratulate, or out of gratitude to the person you care about - it can be whether it is a birthday gift, hostess gift, maternity gift, Christmas gift, Valentine's gift or just because she deserves a loving thought, or perhaps on the occasion of a milestone in her life. Most jewelry that is given is often thought of as a personal gift for the one you care about. A piece of jewelery that leaves beautiful memories.

Jewelry with history ...

Each of our GERVIN Bracelet Hook designs has its own story that the designer has had in mind since the design was made. Our GERVIN Charm also has its own meaning. You put together yourself the look you think will be the most perfect gift for her. The gift for her is the personal gift you want to give, whether it is for a girlfriend, daughter, mother, friend, wife, colleague, neighbor or hostess gift.

We are sure that GERVIN Bracelet Hook & GERVIN Charm with its very special design and function, will bring joy and beauty now and many years to come

OUR INSPIRATION FOR YOU. Currently, our own favorite GERVIN Bracelet Hook, Leaf is put together with GERVIN Charm, Freshwater Pearl. Beautiful, timeless and elegant.